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Sunday, October 13, 2013

A perfect Krary Pamyu Pamyu cosplayer

 photo c0189853_1302979_zpsaa5bd340.jpg

This girl would be considered as a perfect Krary Pamyu Pamyu cosplayer, the structure of her face is very similar to the popular J-pop artist.

 photo kyary-pamyu-pamyu_zps5047856e.jpg

To have an idea who is Krary Pamyu Pamyu, here is her signature music vide "Pon pon pon" which became viral in Youtube.

Here are more images of this cosplayer who is an exact copy of the artist, enjoy!
 photo c0189853_1302979_zpsaa5bd340.jpg
 photo c0189853_1301886_zps5d2e1763.jpg
 photo c0189853_130932_zps3a75bb01.jpg
 photo c0189853_1259598_zps55b57e6a.jpg
 photo c0189853_1259492_zpsa7fc8ae0.jpg
 photo c0189853_12593721_zpsa51e0a1d.jpg
 photo c0189853_131980_zps11b6e5f2.jpg
 photo c0189853_131045_zps716c5737.jpg
 photo c0189853_130502_zps08decc98.jpg
 photo c0189853_1303977_zpsd1b897bc.jpg

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