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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014): Reliving my cartoon days

If you are those kids back then who are at home at night waiting for this cartoon to be aired in local channel, then I guess we are on the same picture, memories on that era which you cannot see nowadays.

Anyway, the said franchise released numerous movie but I guess this one would be the best — well, besides the cartoon that aired in Nick channel where Turtle from different era met. The story is more of a Capitalist thing where this one rich guy wants to rule the world and created his soldiers for him/her and all was mess up — well, like other movies like the 2014 Robocop. I am seeing that they changed the story where this "Mutagen" was developed and was not lost from the space which the ruler Krang owned. The setup is in New York, director and producer did a great job on this.

In the movie, they brought the 90's Turtle — funny, having fun, and still love Pizza. April O'Neil? Wow! Megan Fox, I can say that this is one hot April, but on the bike? Whoa! a lot cooler!

The Shredder is different from the previous Shredder where he a human — just like in the 90's, but this time he is a Capitalist; and this Shredder is a bad-ass Shredder.

What also like in the moviea are the funny part scenes, here are the list:

- Elevator part - On they was to the elevator then they met the Foot Soldiers packing up - The interogation part where Master Splinter is asking where the Turtles went — the 99" Pizza, I want to try those - Chase at the Mountain — action filled - They falling part where they at the tower and confessing their hidden secret

To all 90's geeks, I definitely recommend to watch this one.

Before we watch this movie we secure already a Turtle doughnuts from Kripy Kreme, thought some Pizza brand here will have a TMNT edition but we are unable to see one.

The soundtrack? Hell is way better than the Vanilla Ice back in the 90's — yeah, all say but I have a track of it. Here is one of the track from the movie.

Turtle Power and as Michaelangelo says "Cowabunga dudes"!
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